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Welcome to my page!

Here you will find diet tips, workouts I do from home, and much more!

I spent most of my adolescents overweight and self-conscious of my looks. In just a year I lost 20 kg, learned to love myself and found my self worth.

I will be blogging about my journey and what I’ve learnt along the way, as well as, my current lifestyle and what I am doing to maintain this new me!


Places you never thought you’d lose weight!

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1. Fingers

Whilst focusing on losing fat around my stomach, arms and legs, the one place I never imagined to slim down on are my fingers. Dropping from 90kg to 70kg, I also dropped two ring sizes. My fingers noticeably looked slender and to be quit honest, it was a confidence booster. I could show off my acrylics and rings without being obsessed over how chubby my fingers used to be.

2. Nose

Being from the Balkans I have been unfortunate with my big nose. I’ve tried to hide it countless times and have had comments made on it. It was something I was insecure about in school and even tried massages and exercises to slim it down but after all you can’t change genetics (without surgery of course). Looking back on past selfies and group pictures I spotted what I believed to be a miracle. My nose visibly looked smaller and the feature was more sharp and quite…cute. It’s still big but that’s thanks to my mother genetics, yet the fat surrounding my nose has shredded. A glow up I didn’t expect!

3. Shoe size

Being a UK size 7, I’ve always had big and wide feet for a girl. I could hardly fit into a size 6 and sometimes I would have to buy a size 7.5/8 depending on the shoe style. Since my weight loss I have noticed my feet looking thinner, less swollen and little veins sticking out. I now can fit comfortably into size 6 shoes and I’ve heard the same has happened to some of my friends. One in particular had dropped TWO shoe sizes.

4. Forehead?

Although this hasn’t happened to me I have come across this through articles and videos from TikTok and Instagram. These before and after pictures reveal just how greatly our appearances are impacted. Losing weight showed these individuals true features and facial structures. It’s a forehead glow up! Something you would have never guessed.

Beginner’s Guide

1. Calorie Deficit

If you’re just starting out on your journey, one of the first few things to consider is counting calories. You should be burning more than you are consuming. By keeping track of what you are eating and reaching your target, you will be on your way to losing weight. A way to get on a deficit is by cutting down 500 calories from your usual intake. Remember, everyone’s body is different and some require to eat more or less than others. Therefore an individuals intake can vary from 1,200-1,800 so make sure you are on the right calorie deficit, in order to be healthy.

2. Exercise!

The word exercise is scary! Even just thinking about it gives you the shivers. We all hate it and it’s one of the hardest parts to do in your weight loss journey. You lose the motivation and running just isn’t your forte. However, exercising is just as important as eating healthier. You can range from doing jogging, HIIT exercises, lifting weights or even working out from home. Make it fun, spice it up a little! Do a Popsugar fitness workout or a Chloe Ting challenge. Do some dancing in your living room or go on walks with your friends. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll get used to it and maybe even learn to love it.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has been trailed and tested by many. It has shown great results and trying it out myself, I’ve noticed a difference. This method involves not eating for a period of time and then having a window where you could eat. The most popular times being 16/4 or 20/4. This practice includes many benefits such as weight loss, eating less/no snacking and improved endurance etc. However, it is necessary to remember that IF is a lifestyle and not a diet.

4. Eating Healthy

Many restricts themselves from certain food groups when dieting because they are scared of gaining! Carbs is the number 1 stay away from that influencer’s preach, however, this is not true at the least. It’s all about portion sizing and keeping track of your nutrition intake. Keeping a balance in protein, carbs and fat means you won’t be overeating. Apps such as my fitness pal are useful in keeping track of your MACROS and calories. Yet, if you are still hesitant at the beginning you can switch these carbs for healthier options: potato- sweet potato. white rice- brown rice. White bread- wholemeal bread/bagel. Pasta- wholemeal pasta. Try out these options and find what you like. It’s all about experimenting!

5. Cheat days!!

Don’t turn cheat DAYS into cheat WEEKS. Don’t feel bad for doing it either, we all allow ourselves to have a nice treat for being good. Having one day of pizzas, burgers, donuts and chocolate fudge pudding should not make you feel guilty just as long as you know your limits and get back on track the next day. Give in to your cravings because forcing your body to starve may result in excessive eating. Try some healthy snacks instead or mix it up. Dip your strawberries into dark chocolate, make banana cake and much more. There are plenty of recipes to try from!